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Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS IT?  Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge is a national educational institution dedicated to improving the understanding of the fundamentals of the American Way of Life as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the American Credo as developed by the Freedoms Foundation.

IS IT POLITICAL?  It is non-political and non-sectarian; it does not lobby and it makes no recommendation on political issues or candidates.

HOW IS IT FINANCED?  It is financed by voluntary contributions nationwide from individuals, business firms, patriotic and service organizations, foundations and its volunteer chapters. Contributions are tax-exempt as provided by the Federal Internal Revenue Code.

WHEN WAS IT FOUNDED, BY WHOM, WHERE LOCATED?  It was founded in March 1949, by the Honorable Don Belding of Los Angeles, Dr. Kenneth D. Wells, Bedford Hills, NY and Mr. E.F. Hutton, New York City. It is located on 100 acres adjoining Valley Forge National Historical Park in Pennsylvania.

WHAT IS ITS PURPOSE?  Its purpose it to present a continuing positive approach to responsible citizenship, patriotism, and the perpetuation of the American Way of Life.

WHAT ARE ITS MAIN ACTIVITIES? The National Awards Program recognizes individuals, schools, corporations and other organizations that have made a significant contribution toward strengthening an understanding of our freedoms and the fundamentals of a free society, and the promotion of responsible citizenship. The Education Program primarily involves teachers and youth. Graduate credit seminars in the summer for teachers and other professionals explore contemporary issues in relation to American ideals. Youth conferences for students are held in the fall and spring, and include lectures, workshops and tours of historic places.

HOW DO THE VOLUNTEER CHAPTERS HELP?  They serve as "action arms" of Freedoms Foundation, distributing materials to schools in local areas, presenting national awards each spring, encouraging awards nominations to be sent to Valley Forge, conducting youth and other educational programs, raising funds to send local teachers and students to the seminars at Valley Forge, conducting patriotic programs and events to encourage responsible citizenship, and working with the local news medial in order to bring the Freedoms Foundation programs to the attention of the public.

Bay State Chapter
Freedom Foundation
P.O. Box 287
East Boston, MA 02128

* Text supplied by Judge Joseph V. Ferrino, Ret.
Editing and HTML mark-up by Frank Conte and East Boston OnLine.

revised on 1/16/99.


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