Italia Unita has celebrated the Italian Festival in East Boston for the past fourteen (14) years.  The board of directors and festival volunteers work extremely hard to produce the largest event in East Boston and one of the largest cultural events in New England.
Through the years Italia Unita has relied on fundraising, corporate sponsorship, grants and donations. This has been the primary source of revenue utilized to operate the festival. Due to the current economic climate locally and nationally, Italia Unita has been unable to secure financial commitments from corporate sponsors, grant funding and donations. In addition, the expenses associated with operating the three (3) day festival have also increased, averaging between $80,000 - $90,000. Italia Unita also has outstanding financial commitments from 2008 that have not been fulfilled.
July 2009 was to mark the fifteenth (15th) year of the Italian Festival. However, because of the poor economic climate, declining revenue sources and rising costs associated with operating the festival, the board of Italia Unita has decided to postpone the festival this year.  It was a very difficult decision for us to make. As a an entirely volunteer board the commitment to put together the largest outdoor event in East Boston is quite admirable and the return of seeing so many people enjoy our community and Italian entertainment made the effort worthwhile. Looking back at our humble beginnings and to see how far we have come is something that we cherish and will use as a catalyst to work harder to continue this fine tradition that has garnered worldwide recognition.
Last year's festival attracted the Travel Channel to East Boston. They highlighted the Italia Unita festival as one of Boston's best summertime events. This is an accomplishment that made all of East Boston very proud!
Please be assured that Italia Unita remains committed to preserving and promoting Italian culture in East Boston and the surrounding communities.

The board of Italia Unita will work diligently to secure funding in order to celebrate the Italian Festival in July 2010. For now, Italia Unita will continue to focus on more cultural events and Italian Language and courses.
Your support is extremely valuable and always appreciated. If you want to be a part of our membership in Italia Unita, please consider joining our organization. You may find the information at  From the bottom of our hearts Italia Unita would like to say thank you. Without your continued support, Italia Unita would not exist.
Italia Unita Board of Directors





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