"Discovery & Discernment ...A Journey Back to Now" by Sandrine Colson and Diane Modica, June 2 - 23, 2018

At AtlanticWorks


Modica and Colson each explore their rich ancestry and heritage and the connections that the past and the present create within us. The confluence of the visible and invisible forces, the communal nature that we all share with the past and with one another; the seen and unseen history that influences our personal experience. No one gets in or out of time without resilience, trauma or gifts.

For more info visit www.atlanticworks.org or call 617-567-7200 ATLANTIC WORKS GALLERY, 80 Border Street, East Boston, MA 02128. Presented below: La Caldera di Etna. (the Cauldon of Etna ) by D.Modica 

DianeModicaArtWorkJune2 La Caldera di Etna. The Cauldon of Etna