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East Boston Artists Group is pleased to announce the opening of "pixel perfect: low res, high brow," the fifth show in a series sponsored by EBAG and shown at ZUMIX. An opening reception will be held on Friday May 4, 2001 from 8-10 pm at ZUMIX, 202 Maverick Street in East Boston. The exhibition will run through June 30, 2001.

"pixel perfect: low res, high brow" explores how the human hand takes elements of high- tech imagery and incorporates it into traditional media. The exhibit features painting, small scale sculptures, bead work, drawings and lite brite display to describe the human/technological connection.

Jesse Kahn, the East Boston artist who conceived of and curated the exhibit, says "pixel perfect: low res, high brow" comes out of his fascination with video games and computer animation from the late seventies and early eighties. "Tron, both the movie and the video game, and games like Asteroids, Space Invaders, Pong and Breakout all used very rudimentary colors and pixels to create images", says Kahn. "Computers were available to a wide audience for the first time, and the imagery was very basic."

This exhibit is a group show of eight artists including Edward Cating, Adam Martinez, Jennifer Perry, Fran Rowan, Lillian Shevitz, Michael St. Germain, Michelle Widmer-Schultz and Kahn. "pixel perfect" helps close this year’s Boston Cyberarts Festival and is being held in conjunction with "Dirty Pixels" a similar exhibit being held at Gallery fx in Boston.

As Kahn points out, "Pixels have developed from traditional and ancient craftwork. Needlepoint, weaving and beading all developed on a grid, and even in this modern age of high tech, the grid is still the basis for creating images. It is amazing to me that in such an unordered, organic world we regulate images into dot patterns in order to reproduce them.

All the images that we see every day reproduced on TV, in newspapers magazines, and on video screens are represented as ordered pixels on a grid."

The public is invited to attend the opening reception. For more information and directions, please contact ZUMIX at 617-568-9777.

ZuMix is located at 202 Maverick Street, East Boston, MA

Take the Blue Line to Maverick Station,take a right onto Maverick Street, Walk one block, ZuMix is located at the corner of Cottage and Maverick Streets.

Call 617-568-9777
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