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by Maxine Tassinari-Teixeira

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by Maxine Tassinari Teixeira

Special to eastboston.com

When I told my daughter, who lives in South Carolina about the nonsense the Governor’s Council was pulling with the Governor - "this is not a constitutional meeting because you are on the phone," she responded that they sounded like a bunch of old Southern Republicans. This made me stop and think. But no, the Governor is the Republican. The Governor’s Council is made up of a bunch of old Democrats who just can’t handle the fact that we have a woman in the Governor’s Office and to add insult to injury - she’s pregnant!

I am reminded of the total and utter persecution of Bill Clinton by the Republicans while he was in office. Ok, Ok, Bill Clinton was no angel, but the Republicans never let up and it is happening again right here in Massachusetts to our Governor.

Governor Swift has made mistakes, yes and she irked a lot of women (including me) with the babysitter thing. That was the only thing that bothered me. She needs to take a helicopter home - hey, you go girl, that’s ok with me. You don’t use staff to babysit. So yes, she make mistakes, but let up.

Then they try to say it has nothing to do with gender. Bull. They wouldn’t have even thought about it if the Governor were a man home with a cold. That was the argument the insurance companies used when they did not cover pregnancy in single policies. "It’s not sex discrimination because women are the only ones who get pregnant." But, if a single woman needed her prostate removed, that was covered. Duh!!!

The Governor is trying to do her job under the same circumstances that a lot of women work under. Those old men should remember that. Half the voting population of the state has been, is or will be pregnant at some point. We are all watching and we won’t forget.

You know, when a woman tries to get a little pampering you can bet some man will tell her the story of the women who work in the fields, give birth, cut the cord and go right back to work. The point being they work up to the last minute, why can’t you. Well guys, that is what the Governor is trying to do. Why don’t you let her.




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posted on 11/04/2017

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