Historical Documents (Under Construction)

East Boston: An Overview
Where is East Boston?
Gen. William Sumner, Eastie's first developer
Home of the Clippership
Immigration and Diversity
Religious Traditions
Early Housing
Trinity Neighborhood House
New Housing Needs
Resorts and Recreation

SPECIAL TO EASTBOSTON.COM Historical Record on the "Battle of Chelsea Creek" Challenged; Revolutionary Battle fought on East Boston soil!


WOOD ISLAND PARK ON THE FOURTH OF JULY IN 1924.  Courtesy of Michael Laurano.

A piece of East Boston history: A eulogy for President Abraham Lincoln delivered on Elbow Street in 1865.

Rev Warren Cudworth's Eulogy on the Life, Character and Public Services of the Late President Abraham Lincoln at Sumner Hall. (May 8, 1865)  Special thanks to Michael Laurano

..AND ANOTHER PIECE OF EB HISTORY "Death of a Ferry" by Jules Aarons at Copley Main Library.


East Boston Ferry


OldPostCard Battle of Chelsea Creek and Noddles Island
The 1975 Commemoration of the Battle of NoddlesIsland and Chelsea Creek (PDF)

East Boston:

2000 Census of Population and Housing PDF File



British Blockade

Meridian Street