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Frank Conte
Leaving a legacy of quality, Schirripa family sells landmark Meridian Food Market
On Saturday, June 17, the Schirripa brothers unloaded their last truck, weighed their last oranges on the scale, wrapped up their last rice ball and bagged their last bag of groceries. Since 1970 the family has run Meridian Food Market up and down a major thoroughfare with distinction and great care. And now the time has arrived for the brothers to retire. (more)

Frank Conte's eulogy for Marty Coughlin

Joe DeLuca
Guest Column:
Field of Dreams- Wood Island Park

"In my heart and mind the fond memories of Wood Island endure. I will never forget those care-free summer days when life was simple and nothing else in the world seem to matter except having a glove, a ball, a bat, and a field to play on." Former EB resident Joe DeLuca recalls his baseball dreams on the dying days of a baseball diamond at Wood Island Park

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