East Boston's Historic Places*

Name Location Designation


Number of Properties
Baker Congregational Church 760 Saratoga Street NRIND 11/19/1998 1
    PR 08/11/1999 1
Eagle Hill Historic District East Boston roughly bounded by Border, Lexington, Trenton and Falcon Streets NRDIS 02/26/1998 488
Donald McKay House EB 78-80 White Street LL 05/10/1977 2
    NRIND 06/02/1982 2
    NRDIS 02/26/1998 2
Princeton Street Architectural Conservation District 39-41 Princeton Street LHD 05/08/1991 2
Street Clock 9 Chelsea Street LL 11/01/1983 1
Trinity Neighborhood House 406 Meridian Street LL 06/23/1981 2
    NRIND 04/14/1992 2
    NRDIS 02/26/1998 2
    PR 09/21/1999 2
Old East Boston High School (Barnes School) 127 Marion Street      
Bennington Street Burial Ground Bennington Street      
*Source: State Register of Historic Places, 2006  
Secretary of State, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
PR: Preservation Restriction: includes properties of local, state and/or national significance; restrictions run with the deed in perpetuity or for a specified number of years. If there is an expiration date, it will be indicated below the PR date.
In the case of the Baker Congregational Church and the Trinity House are listed without expiration dates.
NRDIS: National Register District: designated by federal Department of the Interior
NRIND: National Register Individual Property; designated by federal Department of the Interior
LL: Local Landmark includes properties of local, state and/or national significance designated by local governments.

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