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Silent. Silence. Silenced, at Atlantic Works Gallery, pits the duality of quietude vs. inquietude within a provocative month-long show that is likely to stir up some controversy.

Exploring the particulars of silence, Boston artists Charlene Liska and Christine Palamidessi slide between sound made visible and the unquiet silence of nature; between the shrouding of a spokesperson and the aftershock of decapitated explosives.

Each artist takes a different approach while working together to consider both the existential character of silence as well as the modes-of-being that cause us to remain or appreciate the silent, whether we have been made speechless by regime or silenced by awe.

Atlantic Works Gallery November 2017
Palamidessi’s sculptural work and monoprints re-mythologize noisy historical and contemporary events, with deliberate subtraction of sound and actions of self- censorship.

Using video and photography, Liska layers the psychological with the scientific, looking at the unreliability of perception and sound, the anxiety resulting from loss of signal, and, finally, the joy of small sounds.
Green image, Charlene Liska


“Abducted #4” Christine Palamidessi, 2017


November 4-25, 2017

Opening Reception Saturday, November 4, 6-9pm

Third Thursday Party November 16, 6-9pm

Gallery Hours: Fridays and Saturdays, 2-6pm or by appointment


UPCOMING NEXT SUMMER: July-August 2018 ATLANTIC WORKS GALLERY celebrates 15 years of showcasing innovative, cutting-edge art on Boston’s waterfront.

Source: Atlantic Works Gallery, 10/26/2017

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