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Maverick Association of Residents

The Maverick Association of Residents (M.A.R.) is a volunteer-led non-profit organization made up of residents that live in Maverick Landing. Our volunteers are from diverse backgrounds and want to make a difference in the community.

They work together to provide activities that foster unity and advocate for resources to improve the quality of life for all residents in the Maverick Square area.

The Maverick Association of Residents envision that by working together they will improve the community through building relationships and encouraging others to get involved. They inspire to see adults, seniors, and youth communicating, meeting and having fun together. As residents they work to have a community that is involved, supportive, helpful and informed in shaping the future of
East Boston.

Our office is located at 31 Liverpool Street, next to the Maverick Landing Community Room. Our services are focused on community-building and encouraging active participation from residents through events and meetings that provide a welcoming space for residents of all backgrounds.

We have monthly meetings and monthly Coffee Hours as well as are currently planning a Holiday Party for the families of Maverick Landing. We work diligently with our local leaders on assuring community engagement and access to information for all residents with respect to civic participation, health, public safety, a myriad of other resident issues and development on the waterfront.

Our commitment for participation also include Spanish translation/interpretation of all documents and meetings/events as well as free childcare for parents of young children, thereby making participation accessible to all. For more information please call 617-818-4583. 




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