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John Sepulveda announces the release of the web site for the office of Suffolk County Register of Probate.

“I am proud to announce the launching of the website that the public can now see and use to navigate the complicated process at the registry of probate. “I felt that it was shameful that in the year 2014 the registry of probate did not have a simple website where the public could get information about the office of probate or download the necessary forms.”

“I am running for Register of Probate because I feel that there is a disconnect between the office and the public. The average citizen does not know what happens in Probate, why the office exists, or how to effectively access the services that this office provides.” Mr. Sepulveda said.

“The Registry of Probate does not need a politician receiving a reward for years of service, what it needs is a professional manager to run it properly and assure that the public receives the services they require.”

Mr. Sepulveda feels that a campaign should be about actions and not words and this is why he has launched the website as a candidate and began working for the best interest of the public before being elected.

Mr. Sepulveda has nearly 20 years of experience in community and government relations, community organizing, business planning and marketing, and communications. He is a team-builder, and is skilled in creating connections between the communities and government/business programs. For the past year, he has served as a senior account manager with United Healthcare, working with elders to ensure that prospective members understand all aspects of the Medicare Advantage program, as well as the Medicaid Special Needs Plan program.

The office of the Register of Probate and Family Court manages cases involving divorce, estate, child custody and other family matters. Its mission is to deliver timely justice to the public by providing equal access to a fair, equitable and efficient forum to resolve family and probate legal matters and to assist and protect all individuals, families and children in an impartial and respectful manner

"I will bring the office of the Register of Probate to the public. This office needs to provide better services to the residents of Suffolk County and I will make sure that it does. I am going to establish partnerships with community organizations to hold seminars to inform the public of the services offered by the office, as well as the procedures that are required."

John Sepulveda was born in Colombia and immigrated to East Boston when he was 11-years-old. He graduated from East Boston High School. He went on to attend the University of Massachusetts-Amherst where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

After college Mr. Sepulveda returned to East Boston where he served as a primary liaison to the Latin American community for the Neighborhood of Affordable Housing (NOAH). Later he worked as an aide to Boston City Councilor Sal Lamattina. He also organized four Latin American festivals, managed a Spanish language newspaper, oversaw a youth soccer league, supervised voter registration campaigns, and directed other community-based projects. He is considered a specialist in the cross cultural cross business needs of people.

Mr. Sepulveda is an active member of the EBHS School Site Council and the EBHS School Parent Council, and has volunteered his time to serve on various committees to benefit the students and families at the high school.

He is married to Marta and has two children: Pamela, who is a junior at EBHS, and Patrick, who is in the 6th grade at the Donald McKay School. "My greatest accomplishment to date is to be happily married to my wife for almost 20 years and to be a positive father figure to my children and be a person who has influenced their lives," he said.

If you need more information about John Sepulveda or wish to volunteer for his campaign, please call (617) 418-7622 email:

The primary election will be held September 9, 2014, and the final election is November 4, 2014.
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