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No Eastie Casino: Everett Vote Reveals Lack of Transparency and an Unfair Fight

(EAST BOSTON, MA).-On Saturday, roughly 6,000 Everett residents comprising 32 percent of registered voters cast votes on Steve Wynn's vision of a waterfront casino in their town, approving the plan by a 6-to-1 margin. The lopsided result demonstrates just how effective a one-sided, corporate-infused propaganda campaign can be when a casino proposal is rammed through the process in eight months with no chance for a substantial counterpoint to rise up.

"The Everett vote reveals deep flaws in the approval process set forth by the Massachusetts State Legislature and Gaming Commission," said No Eastie Casino co-chair Celeste Myers. "Under the law, a billionaire like Steve Wynn can spend any amount of money pushing only the positives of his proposal, while residents who question a casino development are handicapped every step of the way." We now know Wynn spent $405,000 to influence votes in Everett. Noting that the deal did not include an independent study of the costs Everett residents and surrounding communities will face, Myers added, "With big business teaming up with city governments, this is not a fair fight - whether we are talking about Steve Wynn or Caesars / Suffolk Downs. We are disturbed by the lack of transparency and real detail that developers and city planners are making available to residents-in Everett, and in Boston."



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