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This page is under construction!

First and foremost - folks thank you for the tremendous turnout from our Rotary Club yesterday for our meeting which included a visit from our District Governor and her assistants. Our District Governor has proven to not only be a good sport but also she delivers a killer speech.

Our Madame President was her always gracious self as our leader. It is great to know that we are a group that can count on each other - thank you again for your consideration and participation.

Speaking of good sports a big tip of the hat to our IP Fred S. - a Double Red blood donor at our EB/Revere Rotary Blood Drive held Tuesday - according to the Red Cross Fred S. was keeping the lights on for them yesterday. A Double Red blood donor is one that gives  plasma, red cells and platelets - Fred really did us proud Tuesday.

Our Madame President sent out via e-mail a very nice note from the staff of the Red Cross that worked our blood drive on Tuesday and they were most pleased with our participation and turnout. It was agreed at our lunch meeting that another blood drive will be in our
future. I met a lot of folks that were giving blood that while talking to them remembered our Rotary Club for giving their child a dictionary in the 3rd grade.

PP Edna and Sec'y Kim are in the process of organizing our Dictionary Project in the next few weeks. If you have not taken part in this particular project it is one of the most rewarding and fun projects we do all year, visiting all schools in Revere and East Boston to deliver a dictionary to every 3rd grader and we give a little speech about all the good goings on with Rotary. Please make it a point to fit a trip into your schedule and let Edna and Kim know your availability.

Our comedy nite at Giggles in Saugus on Wednesday October 28 is fast approaching - as mentioned at our meeting we want to have items for a silent auction and some raffle prizes. We are counting on some tickets and gift certificates for the silent auction and some nice baskets and items for the auction. Please plan to bring your auction item on the nite of the event or if you cannot make the event please either bring the item to our meeting next Weds. or make arrangements with a fellow Rotarian to deliver the item for you.

Tickets for our comedy nite at Giggles are for sale. Fred. S. has done a tremendous job of personally selling 10 tickets thus far and if we all followed Fred's lead and sold 10 tickets we would be in great shape for our comedy nite. Filling the club is not only great for the atmosphere of the club but also crucial for our fundraiser especially when filled seats equates more funds coming in for raffles and the silent auction. Based upon my experience the people I sold tickets to once end up asking me throughout the year when the event is due to be scheduled because they had such a great nite that they want to come back again the next year so every ticket you sell now is a sure ticket that you will be able to sell next year. Please be ready to give us an idea next Weds. at our lunchtime meeting at Jevelis of the tickets sold thus far.

Our lunchtime meeting found Tres. Roger M. making a most generous offer giving away $5 coupons that he has sponsored in support  of the Revere High School Rotaract Club's Car Wash scheduled for this Saturday from 10:00AM until 1:00pm at the 338 Grill located at
338 Squire Road in Revere (site of the former Big Lou's located right across from the new McDonald's in Northgate Plaza) Member Dave C. of Revere High School has a great group of kids that are most deserving of our support for their hard work. Please make it a point to stop by, get a car wash, drop off some snacks for the Dave C. and the gang and cheer our Rotaract members on as they are always so helpful at the parades, Christmas parties and events as they arise throughout the year. Okay, who know has the lyrics to the song "Working at the Car Wash" humming thru their brain.

Speaking of parades, where was everybody this year? Me and the Shriners that drive those little cars showed up and boy did we felt stupid driving down Bennington Street throwing Necco wafers at the folks waiting at the bus stops. Story of my life, I was either late from last year or really early for next year. Either way, next year the parade is back where it is supposed to be and all will be right with the world then.

George M. stated that he was never "briefed" about the parade otherwise he would have been there.

A message to Karen G., that was a great idea you had about driving around in Edna's car with the top down as a perfect excuse for no longer having to do your hair. You are a genius woman. Speaking of geniuses, after a strict background check the federal banking regulators gave our own Karen G. and Jan W. the big okay on their desired bank merger. Karen G. and Jan W. are like the Huns of
Banking running around the state snatching up lending institutions for their ever-growing enterprise except they are both so sweet I like to call them the Honeys of Money

Hands down, the most diligent man in Revere our own Anthony Z. took time during this busy campaign season to be on hand for our meetings and events and we wish him all the best and a smooth day in the upcoming election scheduled for Nov 3. Our next meeting is a lunchtime meeting at 12:15pm at Jevelis for Wednesday October 21st and we will have a guest speaker Yvonne
Abraham a columnist for the Boston Globe.

Ms. Abraham is most excited to come to our meeting and give a short talk on how Rotary International was an essential part of her college experience through scholarships and sponsorship and I am also told that she is happy to discuss her column found twice a week in the Boston Globe on Wednesdays and Sundays as well as her former assignment as
a reporter for the Boston Globe at the Massachusetts State House. Vicki M. don't worry, Ms. Abraham promises that as far as that  whole free car deal thingamajig - her lips are sealed.

Again folks we had a busy week, we have a busy few months coming up and it was great to see that we all pitch in and not only get it all done but have a great time doing it.

Have a great weekend and see you Saturday at the Car Wash.


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