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Guest Columnist: John Dudley, EB Chamber

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Cold & Economy Spurs Apathy? Not Here (Hopefully).

The chill in the air is growing, and our economy is still in the toilet. Many of our East Boston businesses are struggling, to say the least. The primary role of the East Boston Chamber of Commerce is to stimulate, motivate, encourage, and excite our members and local merchants.

Please consider this message a fire being lit under the seat of your pants.

If you, our neighborhood businesses, are going to make it to the other side of this recession not just in one piece, but actually more lively and gainful than before, it is going to take your ingenuity, your involvement, and your cooperation. You’ve done it before, and you  can do it again.

Ingenuity: Create something where there’s been nothing. These are tough times for consumers, so develop special deals and offers, or extend new discounts, even for your most loyal customers. If you don’t yet have a website, get one – and quickly! Increase your Internet presence and watch your customer base grow, from inside and outside the neighborhood.

Involvement: Join the East Boston Chamber. Get involved with East Boston Main Streets. Whatever you do, do SOMETHING. A boulder will not move without a few good men and women throwing their weight into it, and so the same goes for the future of your business community. YOU can be a member of the Chamber, and YOU can help make a difference that will inevitably result in an increase to
your bottom line. Convince your friends to get involved as well.

Cooperation: Go outside and meet your business neighbors to the left and right of you. Promote your fellow Chamber members and other Eastie businesses. For example, pass out their menus in your store if you hand out their business cards in your restaurant. Get involved in making a difference on a Chamber committee. If your neighbor succeeds, it is more likely that you will too.
Call the Chamber. Get involved. Help yourself.

John Dudley is the executive director of the East Boston Chamber of Commerce. 




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